Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Sketches 49 and 50

Just quickly posting~
Tales of Graces f  - Cheria
Did some sketches late at night in my sketchbook which I actually scanned for once.
Please excuse 11pm art.
Just a little joke about when Cheria sees 7-years-older Richard that first time.
Her shocked reaction made me laugh~! >v<
Vox, Arda and Maerun
Some chibi's of my characters. I'd like to make Flele Shells out of them, but that'd take some coding. Hrrrrr.
Vox Nobles
Anyway, when I drew the chibis, I finally figured something out for Vox.
I hope that suit thermo-regulates - what am I thinking?
Well, he has a giant fur-trimmed cloak too~

Monday, December 3, 2012

Weekly Sketches 48

I have a list of games I've  been meaning to play, but instead, I started playing Tales of Graces f again a fortnight ago; the European release this time, haha~
I ought to post my photos of the box and goodies it came with.
And this is Lianna, the younger sister of Mark, who you can see in this post.
I tried designing her earlier in the year, but never got close to what I wanted. Now I'm ridiculously happy with her~

Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Sketches 44, 45, 46, 47 T_T

A really big catch-up post this time, geez. I had an art block around week 45 I think.
I was also distracted by Supanova (a geek con), and haven't posted my photos from that still either. orz
The Girl Underground
Anway, first is an Alice in Wonderland theme.
Mark revised
Next, my good irl friend has rediscovered her drive for a certain project~ Now we just might actually be making a comic; so in future, expect a few things from that.
Those guys
Following that, here are characters from my own story/thing that is never going to happen. orz
There are some revisions here... but Thrace is missing! QAQ He should be in that gap there (but it's a bit skinny for him haha).
Maerun bonus
As I've been developing their personalities, they've been running away from me, haha~
I tag these concepts under 'Halcyon Aerie' btw.
Now onto the obligatory Tales of fanart:
Emil (as Ludger), Yuri (as Jude), and Asbel (as Milla?)
The Japanese pre-order of Xillia 2 came with an Emil costume for Ludger, Yuri costume for Jude, and an Asbel costume for 'Milla': so I swapped their costumes onto the corresponding characters.
I'm sorry Asbel, but Emil and Yuri look kind of good~
Duke and Richter something
Hummm, I was going to draw all the villains kind of casual? Clearly I didn't finish.
Actually this pair were in the same file (I must have gotten distracted), but I hadn't drawn clothes on them yet. orz So there you go~
It was almost too easy
And finally, this was going to be my 'trick' for Halloween: gender-swapping all the villains.
Some of them were a bit too easy... Can you even spot the difference immediately? Haha~!
Wow, I'd even started line-arting
Female Van was really fun eheh
Well, you can't un-see it now~ \o/
And I can't un-post it... orz

Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Sketches 42 and 43

Ahhhh haaaa, a catch-up post, and a late one at that.
I've been doing some things, and have some more things to do. Hmmm, so vague, anyway: 
Jill Valentine and Yuri Lowell
I kid you not, there is a game with both of them in it. And a few other characters close to my heart, haha~
Richter and Richard
Aaand, my favourite Tales villains. It's been a while; I want to draw Dhaos again soon, too.
Halcyon Aerie (that's not her name btw)
Hmm, and everything else the past fortnight is concept sketches. All of which are subject to change (obviously, these aren't even the first sketches, I just turf what I don't like at all).
 Another project that will go nowhere, for sure~ orz

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Sketches 41

All Tales of this week, haha~
Mostly I was focused on my piece for the Symphonia OVA Countdown - you can see the finished version here.
So I thought I'd post the close-ups so you can check the contrast between the finished art and the sketches I posted back in Week 36. ^v^
and Yggdrasill
 I did the lines and colours in PaintTool Sai. I... How did I live before this program?
In ignorance, clearly.
Before that though, I painted Richter to practice my approach:
For science
 And now I have an image for the blog header. \o/
His eyes just match the green of the blog nicely! orz
A pretty princess Duke
And lastly, Duke, from Tales of Vesperia. I was thinking of drawing the villains from the Tales of I'd played for Halloween. IDK why I started with Duke.
Really, I don't.
He can now sit in the 'maybe I'll finish it, maybe' pile with everything else. orz
But then again.
Sai is really, really great.
It loads so quickly, and runs so smoothly, and it has so many neat and useful features. The past fortnight I've been drawing in it exclusively.
I can finally get the lines crisp how I want, and painting with the different tools is a dream.
I want to work to become more prolific. \o/

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Sketches 39 and 40

Separated at birth
Drawn this arvo - left is Emil (Tales of Symphonia), right is the hero of Rune Factory 3, whom I named Emil as a joke.
But... it's uncanny how alike they are. I'd go on, but for spoilers.
I'd kind of like to make this a wallpaper. Not likely to happen.
This makes no sense
I guess I was in a 'Tales of' mood this week. At least I did a lot of drawing.
Richard and Asbel
Drama drama drama idk.
So I was drawing a silly little (1 page) comic to go with it. Maybe I'll finish it later. Also not likely.
Asbel in Leon Magnus' costume
I want to buy DLC costumes for Graces f, but they're so overpriced.
I also like Asbel. Quite a bit.

So that was all this past week.
The week prior I tried to finish that sketch I posted in week 38 in time for that contest, but abandoned it because I don't like it much.
The colours just aren't working, and there are a number of flaws that need fixing.
Work smarter next time
That's what happens when you rush. orz

Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekly Sketches 38

It's a secret to everyone
Drew up this commission. The order is for a gift, so sorry I'm only posting a little preview.
I've got the go-ahead on it anyway~ ^v^
Memory and Thought
That commission kindled a memory and I looked back through some of my oooold art folders.
Something there sparked me to draw this dapper fellow.
He's A3 size for whatever reason O_o
 There's a contest on DeviantArt I could enter him in. But the deadline's in a couple of days. I could probably do it.
And you want to see my old art don't you? You do. It's awesome.
No run for your life.

Haaah, I'll definitely get some artworks finished this week!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Weekly Sketches 37

Faithful sidekicks
So I had a cross-over weedle into my brain this week, and I wanted to draw it (it's a work-in-progress).
Guess who? Or, y'know, check the tags, Sherlock~ <v<
Actually, I'm using it as a style experiment and practising colouring in PaintTool Sai.
Colette and Mithos
After last week, I wanted to draw these two together as well.
I might also colour this before returning to my Countdown piece - more style experimenting.
or maybe Martel?
I think I made Mithos too short. orz
But he kinda looks ok like that?

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Sketches 36

Monster High - Ghoulia Yelps
Finished Ghoulia earlier this week - I love this outfit, the colour scheme is just awesome~ ♥
Also, she's adorable.
I also got started on my piece for the Tales of Symphonia countdown.
Somehow, I ended up drawing Mithos - I'd actually never drawn him before. Turns out he's easy fun~
And Yggdrasill too? Madness!
Time Paradox!
Actually, I can't believe I never noticed before all the parallels between Mithos' and Colette's designs. Apparently I'm a moron - sorry, Mr Fujishima. orz
Zelos-sama loves you
Lastly, some more 'thank-you' in Muro~ Unfortunately, it was bugging on me that day - see the ghosted image there?
Funny how Muro has more features, but I feel I do better with TegakiE - especially when it comes to comments.
Muro comments are hard to draw because of the grid background. <__<

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Tales of Symphonia Manga

It's taken a few years, but I was finally able to acquire the Tales of Symphonia manga! QwQ
The package arrived the same day Graces f was released here~ ♥
Tales of Symphonia manga
Tales of Symphonia Volumes 1-5 and Ex
Being out of print, and a niche item, it proved very difficult to locate at a decent price, if at all.
That is until I found a seller of rare Japanese books on ebay, and now here they are!
Read on for photo spam:

Monday, September 3, 2012

Weekly Sketches 35

Monster High - Clawdeen Wolf
Finished Clawdeen~
I've been spending more time on each of the Monster High girls that I draw - but it was easy to get carried away with Clawdeen, and now she's my favourite so far. ^A^
Monster High - Ghoulia
I've actually started colouring Ghoulia already, she should be finished in the next couple of days.
This probably doesn't make any sense to you
And some Tales of scribbles drawn on DA Muro when I was having an awesome conversation with a friend. \o/ I posted previously about a Tales Shirt Design contest, well, she actually made the top 5!
Anyway, she's also hosting a countdown to the finale of the Tales of Symphonia animation at October 24.
Which I've joined.
Obviously! >v<

I also acquired some Tales of related goodies last week, so expect posts about them soon.
But if you check my Flickr Album you'll see the photos already!