Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ami Donuts

I think it's a requisite that Amigurumi crafters make an Ami Donut at some point:
Mmmm tasty
 I sewed them all together rather than using glue (as the pattern says). I did the 'chocolate' swirl with surface crochet, but be careful if you do this, it makes the frosting quite stiff to work with.
Ami treats for my ami unicorn
I want to make more in future with a better quality yarn; there's a lot of possibilities for variations in decoration and colours (I'd also love to make a huge one!).
The Donut pattern  is in the Lion Brand Archive (you'll need an account to view it).
The Unicorn pattern  is by Dawn Toussaint.

Next, I'm working on my own cupcake design~  ♥

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