Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Apppeal of Ball Jointed Dolls

I've noticed Ball Jointed Dolls (BJDs) gaining popularity for a while now, and up to now, I never really saw the appeal. It's hard to pinpoint exactly but let me make this clear, I love dolls/models/plush toys, but there are certain kinds that creep me out. Porcelain dolls, and often rag dolls, and, from what I had seen, BJDs fell squarely into this 'creepy' category along with realistic baby dolls.
But I think I may be having a change of heart. I chanced upon some dolls today which I thought were amazing, only to discover they were BJDs! Cue shock and horror!
Mami Tomoe of Puella Magi Madoka Magica
You can get Homura too!
 I really wish I could afford Mami, she's just adorable! ♥
You can find them for sale here at The Junky Spot.

Now I'm thinking what determines the attractiveness of a doll to me (meaning whether or not it's gaze unnerves me), is just personal taste. It's all about the design, the eyes in particular.Glass eyes with drooping lids aren't my thing, but the 'anime' style decal or painted eyes are generally fine (no different to any of the models on my shelf).
I wonder if this reason is why doll customisation is so popular; you can fit the doll to exactly your own taste. 

Also, after browsing around and seeing the amazing pose-ability (real word or not) of the dolls, I think they would actually make amazingly useful models for reference. Far superior to those horrendous wooden manikins you can pick up at any art store, which I hesitate to even call 'articulated'.

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