Thursday, February 9, 2012

Another Ami Unicorn

I made another Ami Unicorn for my sister's birthday this Monday just passed. It was a very close call, he actually didn't have his ruffles yet when I gave him to her!
He's about 14cm tall
Out of curiosity, I kept a record of how long I spent making him: 18 and a half hours total, or thereabouts.
His mane took longer than expected
Phew, thankfully, she's very happy with him. And I am too~ ♥
I've improved at adding facial details, yay!
So now my unicorn has a friend! We've taken to calling the little guy with his bright orange colour-scheme the 'Fluro-corn'.
 His mane sticks out so much, he looks like a bit of a punk!
Again, the pattern is here, by Dawn Toussaint. Make one for yourself! ♥

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