Thursday, February 23, 2012

Pullip Domination (and Customisation)

Well, I've successfully turned a close friend of mine into a Pullip fan too. I had an inkling that she'd like them actually, and she berated me for not telling her sooner, haha~
She visited me last week and was so impressed with my Bonita (and browsing through the doll guidebook) that I got a message from her that night saying she'd pre-ordered Alice Du Jardin! XD
Pullip Alice du Jardin
She also really adores Dal Tina, and thought she purchased one on ebay for amazingly cheap, without realising she'd ordered the Little Dal + version, not the full size doll.
Little Dal + Tina
So once she realised her mistake she went to PullipStyle (sorry Tina's unlisted atm so no link) and ordered the full size Tina there (which turned out to be their last one!).
The real Dal Tina
She asked me if I'd like the Little Tina and I told her I'd be happy to buy her. :)
I've been wanting to play around with customising Pullips (but no way would I lay a hand on my Bonita!), and had been sorely tempted to try the technique of placing a Little Pullip head onto an Obitsu body (23cm I'm thinking). I had actually considered this as a way to save money before I got Bonita.
If you're confused, check out this great tutorial on Flickr by NK☺.
Well, now I have an excuse to try it! Haha!

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