Monday, February 13, 2012


I finally completed the cute kitty sewing kit I blogged about a while ago:
aka Sewing for dummies
It was so fun, and really took no time at all to do.
Happily, there were plenty of materials provided
It could not have been simpler, and being a total beginner, I actually learned some things, haha~
 Although I did use my own wool/darning needle instead of the plastic monstrosity that was provided.
I feel an embarrassing swell of pride and 'Awwww'
He is actually quite fat!
 All in all, a good quality kit - I think kids would really enjoy it.
If you're interested, the company that produces it is called Grant Studios. They have a tonne more really cute little kits like this, as well as scrap-booking/paper-craft supplies.

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