Sunday, March 25, 2012

Craft and Sewing Show Brisbane

I had a lot of fun browsing around at the Craft and Sewing Show last Thursday, thanks mainly to my close friend who came along with me, and some of the lovely crafters and sellers we spoke to on the day.
The cutest fabric ever ♥
I couldn't resist buying this adorable fabric from Voodoo Rabbit (it was cheap from the end of the roll, yay!). 
But overall I didn't buy much, although I can assure you that I wanted to!
The day's (modest) spoils
The main thing for me really, was getting to know the variety of local craft suppliers, as well as an idea of their prices/stock. So I came away with a bag full of business cards and catalogues which will be helpful when I need to source things for future projects.
We handled so much lovely fabric on the day
The other fabric shown here was actually purchased by my friend from Patchwork Collections, but she cut me half of it, haha~ ♥ They had the most impressive collection of Japanese fabrics (like this one) that we saw at the show. Photos of this fabric can't do it justice - in reality the metallic thread really shimmers.
I also bought this Cross Stitch kit from Stitchabout. I think I need to get a small embroidery hoop before I begin though~
This will be the first time I've cross-stitched in a long while, but I just loved the colours and subject in this one when I saw Stitchabout's display piece, so I want to give it a go!
Currently working on...
Aside from that, I've been working on a crochet doll of my own design. Hopefully she'll be finished soon and I can share some photos of her with you.

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