Monday, March 5, 2012

Little Dal Tina Arrives

My Little Dal Tina arrived a couple of days ago, and I absolutely adore her! ♥
She's too lovely~
For such a tiny doll, her make-up is amazingly detailed - she's very impressive.
Her lips are so shiny
The first time I saw a Dal, I didn't care much for her face, particularly in comparison to Pullip's serene smile. But seeing all the different Dal's, she's slowly grown on me. And now that I own one, I am completely won over by her superior little pout and haughty gaze:
She really doesn't look like a 'Tina' to me though, so I've renamed her Minerva.
 I really love that you can tilt her head around so easily too. It creates instant expression.
My only issue is that her wig is a little unruly (especially in comparison to my Pullip Bonita's silky tresses). I do want to customise her though, and after much browsing I've found I wig online that I love.
Of course, holding her in my hand now, I hesitate a little at the thought of tampering with her - she's just too perfect, haha~ ♥ I must be strong!

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