Wednesday, April 25, 2012

V-Stitch Fingerless Gloves

This is a really sweet pattern for fingerless gloves, designed by Sinjah (aka Daphne Bekiari) and shared on her blog.
The colours are nicer irl
The pattern is very simple to follow and works up quickly. I would have finished them in a single morning, but I ran out of yarn! orz
The yarn I used is Lincraft Celtic, which is a wool,  mohair, acrylic blend. So my gloves are very soft on the skin~ ♥
Also, I used a 5mm hook (larger than the pattern calls for), because I tend towards a very tight tension.
Now I'm going to make a pair for my sister too, since winter is coming in our hemisphere.

I've also started on an adorable pattern for a beret - but I love all the patterns by this particular studio~
I'm graduating from an interest in using yarn purely for toy making, to actual clothing making.
I also want to learn to knit soon.


  1. Glad you liked the pattern :) The gloves look awesome! I love the yarn you used.

    1. I'd been meaning to comment over on your blog to thank you for sharing the pattern! :) I was quite surprised to receive a comment from you first. *laughs*
      I'm afraid the yarn I used is a little bulkier than the one you used so the pattern isn't as apparent on mine, but they are nice and comfy. ♥