Sunday, April 1, 2012

Weekly Sketches 13

Tales of Graces - Sophie
I scribbled this in the Muro drawing application on It's become quite a versatile program - I remember trying it when it first came online, and finding it a bit irritating. Now though, it's thoroughly enjoyable to paint in.

Sooo anyway, I ordered a copy of Tales of Graces f online when it was released in America mid March, and it finally arrived in the mail on Monday! ♥ Hence the drawing of the heroine Sophie. Expect more of this while I'm playing it, haha~
Actually, there's a contest on Siliconera to win a copy of the game signed by Hideo Baba, so I'm going to draw something to enter. *crosses fingers*

And in other news, I picked up my new glasses last Tuesday, so I can see again! Hooray! I really hadn't realised just how bad my sight was getting (I'm short-sighted). *sigh*

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