Sunday, April 8, 2012

Weekly Sketches 14

After a lacklustre start, I worked through and got some good sketches out this week.
Tales of Graces f - Sophie
The above I submitted to a contest on Friday (the one at Siliconera I mentioned previously).
So I started scribbling some action shots of the heroines from the Tales games I've played.
Tales of Graces f - Cheria

Tales of Vesperia - Estelle

Tales of Symphonia 2 - Marta (Radiant Roar!)
I mean to draw Colette, Tear and Mint too. Actually, I want to swap their costumes around for fun!
Tales of Symphonia 2 - Aqua and Richter
The last above  is what broke my art block. Those two are kind of my default when I'm mindlessly drawing (don't ask, I don't know... well, that's a lie, haha). Though I find myself drawing Sophie a lot lately.
I always draw Richter ridiculously tall, but then I wonder if you've ever read a manga called Skip Beat? Ren's legs go on forever. *not a complaint*

Anyway, I finished the new ami doll I was working on, so I'll post up some photos.
Actually, there's a character I want to make a doll of next, hehe~ ♥

Happy Easter! Save the Bilby!

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