Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekly Sketches 23 and 24

Apologies for the missed post last week. I actually have a number of posts on the back-burner I've been meaning to put together (photo editing is why I keep putting them off, haha).
 I'm undertaking a project based on the Western Zodiac. Basically, I wanted to make some nice artworks to place in Cameo pendants (but I feel like making art prints would be nice too).
I see a lot of necklaces with stock/generic vintage artwork in them and personally I find it a little... disappointing.
Scorpio... or not
I just sketched this with 'Scorpio' vaguely in mind before doing any research. Which is bad. Don't follow my example here.
If you scroll back up to Virgo, you'll see I actually did some research before drawing her. I want to draw inspiration from the mythology behind the Zodiac signs, not just the basic iconography.
Dogpile - possible fabric design
Also, I bought a kit for making fabric-covered buttons, which is extremely excellent. It made me want to design fabric so I've been doing a little research into Spoonflower.

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