Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Sketches 30

Monster High - Rochelle now in colour!
I loved colouring Rochelle~
After her though, I had a pretty tough art week - very blah.
These sketches of CardCaptor Sakura have helped me break through the art block somewhat over the past two days.
CCS - I'm such a girl, hahaha~
CCS - Kero and Kisses
And I've done a few thumbnail sketches of some more compositions. I'm thinking of getting a table at a con later this year, but if I do I'll need some stuff to sell.
Tales of Graces f - Sopheria
 I finished Graces f on Monday, so here's a very rough sketch (like I said, a bad art week for me).
 I signed up to TinierMe (because I enjoy wasting my time haha), so here's some little sketches of my Selfy. I spent all my starter money on that hair and I regret nothing! If you have a Selfy let me know, I want to see it!
Tales  of Symphonia - present jealousy
And now I leave you with a DeviantArt Muro scribble I actually drew for a friend's birthday last week. 

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Sketches 29

'Tales of' Girls
I'm entering a 'Tales of' themed shirt-design contest being held by the European branch of NamcoBandai. I don't know why I decided to draw so many characters, orz. But I'm happy so far, and quite excited (it's nowhere near finished, haha). Please excuse all the text I've placed on it.
Monster High - Rochelle Goyle
I don't own a Rochelle, I just adore her design though. She's the one that got me interested in Monster High actually, but I've never seen her for sale anywhere (I'm sure she's popular).
Monster High - Clawdeen
Not sure I'm entirely happy with this sketch of Clawdeen - maybe a few tweaks.

I do intend to colour all these MH sketches though, they're relaxing.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekly Sketches 25-28

Time for a quick catch-up post!
Om nom nom ♥
I was away visiting my parents for a fortnight, and then when I returned to my usual abode, I was so busy I deliberately continued to distance myself from the internet., haha~
So, what was I doing?
I managed to get a job as a private art tutor (with a class every day for the school holidays, hopefully I can continue classes on a weekly basis during school-time). So anyway, I worked myself pretty ragged going over-board on lesson-plans and yada yada, so I produced a lot of written material and illustrations in the last few weeks.
BUT, since this was paid work, I was thinking I might not share it online (or at best, in a reduced form).
However, just introduced a feature allowing certain people (myself included), to sell digital content on the site. What convenient timing~
It's most relevant to my account over on DA, so more info is in my journal there. If response is good, I'll produce more, and maybe make it available through other sources somehow.
And who knows, I would kind of like to publish a book.

Anyway, while I was away I also did a lot of scribbling in my notebook which, frankly, I can't be bothered to scan/photograph at this point.
So here are the few digital things I did in the past three weeks just for me (late last night I made Aqua up there with her fish biscuit):
A tentative design for the lead
 I'm working on an idea for a manga atm - have to nut out the world mechanics.
Sort of a cosplay pin-up pose, haha~
Another character from the tentative manga idea (that's not her normal attire I swear haha). She's the carefree type I suppose you could say - her brother would say she just enjoys attention.
Completely random design, I don't know
Not so great, but I like her vest