Sunday, July 22, 2012

Weekly Sketches 29

'Tales of' Girls
I'm entering a 'Tales of' themed shirt-design contest being held by the European branch of NamcoBandai. I don't know why I decided to draw so many characters, orz. But I'm happy so far, and quite excited (it's nowhere near finished, haha). Please excuse all the text I've placed on it.
Monster High - Rochelle Goyle
I don't own a Rochelle, I just adore her design though. She's the one that got me interested in Monster High actually, but I've never seen her for sale anywhere (I'm sure she's popular).
Monster High - Clawdeen
Not sure I'm entirely happy with this sketch of Clawdeen - maybe a few tweaks.

I do intend to colour all these MH sketches though, they're relaxing.

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