Sunday, July 29, 2012

Weekly Sketches 30

Monster High - Rochelle now in colour!
I loved colouring Rochelle~
After her though, I had a pretty tough art week - very blah.
These sketches of CardCaptor Sakura have helped me break through the art block somewhat over the past two days.
CCS - I'm such a girl, hahaha~
CCS - Kero and Kisses
And I've done a few thumbnail sketches of some more compositions. I'm thinking of getting a table at a con later this year, but if I do I'll need some stuff to sell.
Tales of Graces f - Sopheria
 I finished Graces f on Monday, so here's a very rough sketch (like I said, a bad art week for me).
 I signed up to TinierMe (because I enjoy wasting my time haha), so here's some little sketches of my Selfy. I spent all my starter money on that hair and I regret nothing! If you have a Selfy let me know, I want to see it!
Tales  of Symphonia - present jealousy
And now I leave you with a DeviantArt Muro scribble I actually drew for a friend's birthday last week. 

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