Monday, August 6, 2012

QLD Symphony Orchestra perform LOTR Fellowship

On Saturday night my sister and I went to see the Queensland Symphony Orchestra perform the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and it was amazing! ;w;
It was for 3 performances only at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (aka QPAC) - we went to the last show.
They had the orchestra as well as a choir, and they literally performed the soundtrack to the entire film: there was a cinema-size screen playing the movie with the dialogue and sound effects on the wall above them.
They were so good I sometimes forgot the music was being performed live, I got so caught up in the film. But then the music or voices would swell so powerfully it would bring me back to reality.
QLD Symphony Orchestra performs Fellowship

Obviously we weren't allowed to take photos of the performance, but I saw this morning that the promo poster was still up outside so I wanted to get a snap of it. There's no sense of scale in the photo, but it's actually a few metres wide.

They're going to be performing Two Towers in 2013, and I believe Return of the King in 2014.
I'm definitely looking forward to it!

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