Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Sketches 31

I had a good art week really~
So first up, I've made progress on my 'Tales of' contest entry.
'Tales of' Girls
Just five more girls to go. And then lineart. >w<
Rune Factory 4 - Your Butler
This guy is the feature in a short joke comic I drew - it's posted over on my DeviantArt account here.
Gemini and Virgo
 I mentioned a few weeks back about wanting to do a series of works themed around the Western Zodiac. Well, I've revised my approach somewhat, and decided to draw the Zodiacs as Magical Girls, haha~
I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I haven't personally encountered it before, and I thought it would be fun and lend itself to my art style.
I'm basing their personalities generally around the Zodiac's supposed traits. Virgo is kind of the leader. Gemini has a twin brother. Leo is a bit of a diva - and she has something of a rivalry with Virgo.
Yup, I deserve an honourary degree in creativity, haha~ ^^'
B-bmp B-bmp B-bmp
Also, I finished Tales of Graces f last week, but went back to finish some more of the quests.
The performance of 'Cheri White' has to be one of my favourite 'Tales' moments, haha~
I wish I could have Hubert dressed as the Evil Queen all the time!
And an alternative
On a side note, I've been working more on my manga idea - my notebook is starting to get filled up. I may see if I can get the first chapter sorted.
There's a certain contest on DeviantArt atm which I might enter it in - the deadline might encourage me to work on it. <_<
But ahhh... No, I must have confidence. Confidence!
It would be good practice.

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