Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Sketches 32

Phew, the sketch post is a little late this week, and it's because of this:
Tales of the Queens
I spent my entire Sunday (literally), finishing my entry for the Tales of Shirt Design contest by NamcoBandai Europe.
I'm so glad that I finally bought Paint Tool Sai, otherwise there's no way I would have gotten this linework done in a single day. Sai is such a great program - really. orz
I think I might use it for all my linework from now on - it makes the lines so crisp, it's lovely at full resolution~ ♥
Although I still don't consider it to be fully finished yet (I want to fill in the blacks and add some half-tone dots for other 'colours'), this is how I submitted it to the comp - now fingers crossed!
Once it's totally finished I'll post some close-ups - I wore out my wrist on those details!  ^^
Rune Factory 3
I've also been playing Rune Factory 3, and it's my favourite RF so far.
I keep gifting juice to my favourite character which is basically pointless since he won't join me in battle anyway. orz
Rabbit Waitress
And lastly, this totally random design that I drew and then promptly forgot about. I don't even remember what I was thinking at the time which is weird for me. :\

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