Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Sketches 34

Tales of - Super manly drawing of manliness
 The TegakiE mentioned previously. You can tell I'm struggling with my art when I go drawing there - it sometimes clears my head.
You can check it out step-by-step here.
and bonus
I love drawing my comments~ It's so fun to give a little something back for a nice comment.
Monster High - Clawdeen Wolf
I love this outfit for Clawdeen - it's just priceless, haha~ I can't wait to colour her! ♥
Black Butler - Ciel again
The perspective of the cake is different to everything else, haha~ orz
And these are some elements I have down for making a fabric design. \o/

I also did a lot of sketches in my notebook this week - we'll see what develops~

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