Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Sketches 33

I had some Black Butler to read recently, so naturally this turned out:
Ciel and cake
He's strangely fun to draw - but then I happen to like coats, boots, tophats and eyelashes.
Notice the (fake) bird on his hat? It looks he's trying to feed it, haha~
Fanart aside, I've been working on the designs for my manga concept - that one I have floating around in the ether. orz
So look above and meet Nimble! >w< I love him, and I'm quite pleased with his look (finally).
He's gone through a few permutations to reach this point. I do most of my rough work on this manga in my physical notebook, so I'm probably not going to scan and post them ever (but you're not missing much - they're terribly rough pen sketches).
I draw him quite loosely now - I try to make him look 'squishy'.
Hali - featuring a giant head
 The hardest thing for me has been defining a style. Up to this point, I've been keeping kind of a simple, more cartoonish-manga style - larger heads and such, as above. I thought it was appropriate for the tone of the story (but that's changing somewhat too the more I develop it).
Most recently in my notebook, I've scaled back the head size to a slightly more realistic size than I'm posting today, and I think I might stick with it - it's just what's more natural for me, and so hopefully I won't tire of it.
An improbable uniform, hah!
 Anyway, it's taken a few tries, but this hairstyle is working for me for the lead character now - her name's Hali.
As I've been revisiting her design, I've found her personality defining itself of it's own will. She's an active character for sure. \o/
Another character - he's a bit older, and actually wouldn't show up for a while (wait, spoiler alert, haha). orz
Again I was working on the style here more than anything. I think a pointed face suits him best - it combines with his droopy eyes and makes him look weird... Which is good! <w<

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