Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekly Sketches 36

Monster High - Ghoulia Yelps
Finished Ghoulia earlier this week - I love this outfit, the colour scheme is just awesome~ ♥
Also, she's adorable.
I also got started on my piece for the Tales of Symphonia countdown.
Somehow, I ended up drawing Mithos - I'd actually never drawn him before. Turns out he's easy fun~
And Yggdrasill too? Madness!
Time Paradox!
Actually, I can't believe I never noticed before all the parallels between Mithos' and Colette's designs. Apparently I'm a moron - sorry, Mr Fujishima. orz
Zelos-sama loves you
Lastly, some more 'thank-you' in Muro~ Unfortunately, it was bugging on me that day - see the ghosted image there?
Funny how Muro has more features, but I feel I do better with TegakiE - especially when it comes to comments.
Muro comments are hard to draw because of the grid background. <__<

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