Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekly Sketches 39 and 40

Separated at birth
Drawn this arvo - left is Emil (Tales of Symphonia), right is the hero of Rune Factory 3, whom I named Emil as a joke.
But... it's uncanny how alike they are. I'd go on, but for spoilers.
I'd kind of like to make this a wallpaper. Not likely to happen.
This makes no sense
I guess I was in a 'Tales of' mood this week. At least I did a lot of drawing.
Richard and Asbel
Drama drama drama idk.
So I was drawing a silly little (1 page) comic to go with it. Maybe I'll finish it later. Also not likely.
Asbel in Leon Magnus' costume
I want to buy DLC costumes for Graces f, but they're so overpriced.
I also like Asbel. Quite a bit.

So that was all this past week.
The week prior I tried to finish that sketch I posted in week 38 in time for that contest, but abandoned it because I don't like it much.
The colours just aren't working, and there are a number of flaws that need fixing.
Work smarter next time
That's what happens when you rush. orz

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