Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekly Sketches 41

All Tales of this week, haha~
Mostly I was focused on my piece for the Symphonia OVA Countdown - you can see the finished version here.
So I thought I'd post the close-ups so you can check the contrast between the finished art and the sketches I posted back in Week 36. ^v^
and Yggdrasill
 I did the lines and colours in PaintTool Sai. I... How did I live before this program?
In ignorance, clearly.
Before that though, I painted Richter to practice my approach:
For science
 And now I have an image for the blog header. \o/
His eyes just match the green of the blog nicely! orz
A pretty princess Duke
And lastly, Duke, from Tales of Vesperia. I was thinking of drawing the villains from the Tales of I'd played for Halloween. IDK why I started with Duke.
Really, I don't.
He can now sit in the 'maybe I'll finish it, maybe' pile with everything else. orz
But then again.
Sai is really, really great.
It loads so quickly, and runs so smoothly, and it has so many neat and useful features. The past fortnight I've been drawing in it exclusively.
I can finally get the lines crisp how I want, and painting with the different tools is a dream.
I want to work to become more prolific. \o/

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