Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekly Sketches 42 and 43

Ahhhh haaaa, a catch-up post, and a late one at that.
I've been doing some things, and have some more things to do. Hmmm, so vague, anyway: 
Jill Valentine and Yuri Lowell
I kid you not, there is a game with both of them in it. And a few other characters close to my heart, haha~
Richter and Richard
Aaand, my favourite Tales villains. It's been a while; I want to draw Dhaos again soon, too.
Halcyon Aerie (that's not her name btw)
Hmm, and everything else the past fortnight is concept sketches. All of which are subject to change (obviously, these aren't even the first sketches, I just turf what I don't like at all).
 Another project that will go nowhere, for sure~ orz

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