Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekly Sketches 44, 45, 46, 47 T_T

A really big catch-up post this time, geez. I had an art block around week 45 I think.
I was also distracted by Supanova (a geek con), and haven't posted my photos from that still either. orz
The Girl Underground
Anway, first is an Alice in Wonderland theme.
Mark revised
Next, my good irl friend has rediscovered her drive for a certain project~ Now we just might actually be making a comic; so in future, expect a few things from that.
Those guys
Following that, here are characters from my own story/thing that is never going to happen. orz
There are some revisions here... but Thrace is missing! QAQ He should be in that gap there (but it's a bit skinny for him haha).
Maerun bonus
As I've been developing their personalities, they've been running away from me, haha~
I tag these concepts under 'Halcyon Aerie' btw.
Now onto the obligatory Tales of fanart:
Emil (as Ludger), Yuri (as Jude), and Asbel (as Milla?)
The Japanese pre-order of Xillia 2 came with an Emil costume for Ludger, Yuri costume for Jude, and an Asbel costume for 'Milla': so I swapped their costumes onto the corresponding characters.
I'm sorry Asbel, but Emil and Yuri look kind of good~
Duke and Richter something
Hummm, I was going to draw all the villains kind of casual? Clearly I didn't finish.
Actually this pair were in the same file (I must have gotten distracted), but I hadn't drawn clothes on them yet. orz So there you go~
It was almost too easy
And finally, this was going to be my 'trick' for Halloween: gender-swapping all the villains.
Some of them were a bit too easy... Can you even spot the difference immediately? Haha~!
Wow, I'd even started line-arting
Female Van was really fun eheh
Well, you can't un-see it now~ \o/
And I can't un-post it... orz

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