Monday, December 17, 2012

Weekly Sketches 49 and 50

Just quickly posting~
Tales of Graces f  - Cheria
Did some sketches late at night in my sketchbook which I actually scanned for once.
Please excuse 11pm art.
Just a little joke about when Cheria sees 7-years-older Richard that first time.
Her shocked reaction made me laugh~! >v<
Vox, Arda and Maerun
Some chibi's of my characters. I'd like to make Flele Shells out of them, but that'd take some coding. Hrrrrr.
Vox Nobles
Anyway, when I drew the chibis, I finally figured something out for Vox.
I hope that suit thermo-regulates - what am I thinking?
Well, he has a giant fur-trimmed cloak too~

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