Sunday, August 26, 2012

Weekly Sketches 34

Tales of - Super manly drawing of manliness
 The TegakiE mentioned previously. You can tell I'm struggling with my art when I go drawing there - it sometimes clears my head.
You can check it out step-by-step here.
and bonus
I love drawing my comments~ It's so fun to give a little something back for a nice comment.
Monster High - Clawdeen Wolf
I love this outfit for Clawdeen - it's just priceless, haha~ I can't wait to colour her! ♥
Black Butler - Ciel again
The perspective of the cake is different to everything else, haha~ orz
And these are some elements I have down for making a fabric design. \o/

I also did a lot of sketches in my notebook this week - we'll see what develops~

Friday, August 24, 2012

Step-by-Step TegakiE Tales Edition

 It's just a little step-by-step recording of my TegakiE (online art application) blog yesterday.
I generally take a screen-capture before I'm about to save, just to be safe, but I don't save all that frequently, so this may or may not be helpful at all.
It's also not recorded from the very beginning. orz

I really enjoy drawing there - if you need any tips I'll try to help. \o/

Ah, I'll post the pic in my weekend sketch post~

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Weekly Sketches 33

I had some Black Butler to read recently, so naturally this turned out:
Ciel and cake
He's strangely fun to draw - but then I happen to like coats, boots, tophats and eyelashes.
Notice the (fake) bird on his hat? It looks he's trying to feed it, haha~
Fanart aside, I've been working on the designs for my manga concept - that one I have floating around in the ether. orz
So look above and meet Nimble! >w< I love him, and I'm quite pleased with his look (finally).
He's gone through a few permutations to reach this point. I do most of my rough work on this manga in my physical notebook, so I'm probably not going to scan and post them ever (but you're not missing much - they're terribly rough pen sketches).
I draw him quite loosely now - I try to make him look 'squishy'.
Hali - featuring a giant head
 The hardest thing for me has been defining a style. Up to this point, I've been keeping kind of a simple, more cartoonish-manga style - larger heads and such, as above. I thought it was appropriate for the tone of the story (but that's changing somewhat too the more I develop it).
Most recently in my notebook, I've scaled back the head size to a slightly more realistic size than I'm posting today, and I think I might stick with it - it's just what's more natural for me, and so hopefully I won't tire of it.
An improbable uniform, hah!
 Anyway, it's taken a few tries, but this hairstyle is working for me for the lead character now - her name's Hali.
As I've been revisiting her design, I've found her personality defining itself of it's own will. She's an active character for sure. \o/
Another character - he's a bit older, and actually wouldn't show up for a while (wait, spoiler alert, haha). orz
Again I was working on the style here more than anything. I think a pointed face suits him best - it combines with his droopy eyes and makes him look weird... Which is good! <w<

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Weekly Sketches 32

Phew, the sketch post is a little late this week, and it's because of this:
Tales of the Queens
I spent my entire Sunday (literally), finishing my entry for the Tales of Shirt Design contest by NamcoBandai Europe.
I'm so glad that I finally bought Paint Tool Sai, otherwise there's no way I would have gotten this linework done in a single day. Sai is such a great program - really. orz
I think I might use it for all my linework from now on - it makes the lines so crisp, it's lovely at full resolution~ ♥
Although I still don't consider it to be fully finished yet (I want to fill in the blacks and add some half-tone dots for other 'colours'), this is how I submitted it to the comp - now fingers crossed!
Once it's totally finished I'll post some close-ups - I wore out my wrist on those details!  ^^
Rune Factory 3
I've also been playing Rune Factory 3, and it's my favourite RF so far.
I keep gifting juice to my favourite character which is basically pointless since he won't join me in battle anyway. orz
Rabbit Waitress
And lastly, this totally random design that I drew and then promptly forgot about. I don't even remember what I was thinking at the time which is weird for me. :\

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Blog Layout Update In-Progress

 There is something seriously wrong in my code somewhere, please bear with me!

I've decided that I thoroughly dislike my blog's current appearance, and think it's time for a serious overhaul!
So over the next week or so I'll be updating it to a hopefully sleeker and more professional look~

**I'm also going to change the blog's web address to reflect the new look** It's essentially the same, but shorter and sweeter. ♥

If anything looks strange atm, don't worry! It's not your computer, I'm probably just in the middle of making adjustments. ^w^

Monday, August 6, 2012

QLD Symphony Orchestra perform LOTR Fellowship

On Saturday night my sister and I went to see the Queensland Symphony Orchestra perform the soundtrack to The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring, and it was amazing! ;w;
It was for 3 performances only at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre (aka QPAC) - we went to the last show.
They had the orchestra as well as a choir, and they literally performed the soundtrack to the entire film: there was a cinema-size screen playing the movie with the dialogue and sound effects on the wall above them.
They were so good I sometimes forgot the music was being performed live, I got so caught up in the film. But then the music or voices would swell so powerfully it would bring me back to reality.
QLD Symphony Orchestra performs Fellowship

Obviously we weren't allowed to take photos of the performance, but I saw this morning that the promo poster was still up outside so I wanted to get a snap of it. There's no sense of scale in the photo, but it's actually a few metres wide.

They're going to be performing Two Towers in 2013, and I believe Return of the King in 2014.
I'm definitely looking forward to it!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Weekly Sketches 31

I had a good art week really~
So first up, I've made progress on my 'Tales of' contest entry.
'Tales of' Girls
Just five more girls to go. And then lineart. >w<
Rune Factory 4 - Your Butler
This guy is the feature in a short joke comic I drew - it's posted over on my DeviantArt account here.
Gemini and Virgo
 I mentioned a few weeks back about wanting to do a series of works themed around the Western Zodiac. Well, I've revised my approach somewhat, and decided to draw the Zodiacs as Magical Girls, haha~
I'm sure I'm not the first to think of this, but I haven't personally encountered it before, and I thought it would be fun and lend itself to my art style.
I'm basing their personalities generally around the Zodiac's supposed traits. Virgo is kind of the leader. Gemini has a twin brother. Leo is a bit of a diva - and she has something of a rivalry with Virgo.
Yup, I deserve an honourary degree in creativity, haha~ ^^'
B-bmp B-bmp B-bmp
Also, I finished Tales of Graces f last week, but went back to finish some more of the quests.
The performance of 'Cheri White' has to be one of my favourite 'Tales' moments, haha~
I wish I could have Hubert dressed as the Evil Queen all the time!
And an alternative
On a side note, I've been working more on my manga idea - my notebook is starting to get filled up. I may see if I can get the first chapter sorted.
There's a certain contest on DeviantArt atm which I might enter it in - the deadline might encourage me to work on it. <_<
But ahhh... No, I must have confidence. Confidence!
It would be good practice.